Why AWS?

Why should AWS be your first choice in cloud solutions, when there are so many different cloud platforms, service providers and solutions currently available on the market?

In choosing the cloud solution and cloud provider, it’s important to focus on how quickly the provider innovates and develops their products, solutions and services. However, it is also essential that the provider constantly keeps track of customer needs and adapts its services accordingly.

Amazon was among the very first to spot the tremendous possibilities to develop scalable web services. Thus, it is certainly not by chance that Amazon Web Services is now markedly at the forefront of all areas within cloud computing, in terms of operation, innovation and the further development of professional cloud solutions for business.

That’s why Amazon Web Services is almost always among the first to offer new and cutting-edge features, and the fact remains that they’re miles ahead of their closest competitor in the entire cloud market.

This has been documented several times – most recently in Gartner’s annual report for the field.

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