Locally-rooted AWS support. Global reach, safety and efficient ticket-handling

With CloudCare we secure our customers a solid foundation for using AWS Cloud Services in operations, development and testing environments.

Our solution supports our customers’ business solutions at all times with an automated self-healing infrastructure (IaaS) and platform (PaaS). This way customers can focus on developing their own business and solutions.

We have established a digital portal where flow, documentation and escalation paths are described and maintained. We use this to manage incidents and requests in a structured process according to the Track & Trace principle – meaning that ticket-handling is a completely transparent process.Using the portal, you can follow the progress of registered tickets. In addition, there are performance statistics on how we meet deadlines, escalate, open and close the incident and other relevant information.

Our team supports infrastructure, platform and AWS Services. This guarantees customers who subscribe to our CloudCare service that their infrastructure and platform are functioning optimally.

Support integration

CloudCare is established as a stand-alone support platform that our customers can integrate with their own support solutions.

Through the platform we provide our customers with 24/7 Ticket Handling across all their AWS accounts. As a minimum our support corresponds to Standard AWS Business Support, which is a separate add-on service for each AWS account.

For particularly critical situations, we can offer Enterprise Ticket Action. Upon agreement, we can also offer on-site and off-site support in Hypercare periods.

Quick and efficient

The advantage of signing up for CloudCare with CloudPartners is first and foremost that you gain a support partner who is working closely with your company’s AWS solution, and at the same time is developing a deeper knowledge of the company’s needs.

In addition, CloudPartners have in-depth knowledge of both AWS technologies and the organisation, enabling quick and efficient navigation to the individuals who can handle the different tickets fastest and most efficiently.

Get an agile, flexible, competent and not least local support team — with global reach 24/7/365.

Learn more about Danish support for your AWS solution here – contact our CloudCare support-team