CloudControl and Cloud Operations

For existing cloud-workloads.

On-call support – 24x7x365 staffed with our certified AWS consultants.  We are ready to step in when you need help, or you can leave the monitoring to us, and we will get activated directly.

Platform Operation – compliments our on-call support, we ensure stabile operations of your applications. Together we create a onboarding project that converts your application from a normal datacenter application to a more CloudReady application, which grants you the added benefit of cloud computings stabile operations with a high availability, and high scalability.

3rd level support – are 3rd level support and we are ready to support your own IT employees

Security – help you design and implement a patch strategy, monitor your backups and do disaster recovery game days to ensure your backup and disaster recovery strategy works.

Site Reliability Engineering – reviews and task force based on our technical skills. We analyze any unstable systems and applications and work to bring them up to speed.

Cloud Service Delivery – means, that we take the role as our customers guard dog, to help ensure that they are always utilizing the cloud best possibly. Should you wish this can include a monthly reporting on costs, and help budgeting

Root Cause Analysis – are in depth analyzis and root cause analysis of a recurrent problem or error situation. It could for example be recurring bad performance of a web site. Root Cause Analyzis means that we don´t just fix the issue, but analyse the problem to its root and fix what caused it to ensure that the issue won’t reoccour

Architecture Review – are our analyzis of your infrastructure and AWS environment and help you ensure that you are using the right components. This could for example be that you utilize a correct multi AZ strategy, your systems are scalable, and if your accounts security procedures are correctly configured. We will give you suggestions to improvements and points where you should be fixed to ensure your platform for the future

Advisory Services – are our help with unpartial advisory services, about AWS and Cloud. This would for example be if you have 2 different solution offers that you want to compare, but don’t have the know how and expertise in house to make the decision.

CostControl – are CloudPartners tool to service and support the business in cost optimization and security control by tracking, analyzing and reporting on possible actions to save cost and improve security in the cloud.