CloudDevelopment and Cloud-Native Infrastructure Architecture

Get all the benefits of cloud computing

Infrastructure as Code – are replicatable cloud-native infrastructure. We are experts in building environments that can be spun up and down based on your needs. It could for example be if you need a separate test environment. With infrastructure as code, your infrastructure becomes versionable just like source code, which means you can quickly test out features, replicate environments, and roll back if you desire. This increases agility and uptime by ensuring your environments are always the same

Hybrid Cloud – are based on our experience within hybrid cloud solutions of all sizes. We know the normal architecture patters and know which services fit in where.

Custom cloud applications – were we help you build and customize AWS native applications , together with integration of you current applications. This could for example be a application from where you can easily spin up test environments from outside of the normal AWS console which can quickly become unmanageable

SecOps – are our tools to help you with configuration of services from AWS such as AWS config Rules, which can alarm you or mitigate automatically if you become incompliant. AWS has a suite of certificates such as PCI-DSS1, ISO27001 and HIPAA which we can help you navigate. Beyond that we can setup monthly reviews of your accounts to avoid shadow IT and compliance drift.


DevOps Initiatives

DevOps transformation – by providing our Scrum-experts and battle-tested pioneers with in depth knowledge on DevOps from both the Dev-side and the Ops-Side. We will help you transform your organization, from a heavy IT organisation, to a agile, automated, and fast adapting organization.

Continuous Delivery Pipelines – are a streamlined deployment and integration test with AWS products with, for example CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy or the popular alternatives such as Jenkins and Github. We har in depth experience with continuous delivery and integration and can help you build out your pipelines.

Containerization – with our in depth experience on Docker. We can help you go from normal server operations to a immutable infrastructure with Docker, on AWS with ECS. We can help you package your application into containers, but also in creating a environment to support it.