CloudReady and Pre-Cloud Advising

Before the decision to move to cloud computing has been made

Introduction and seminars – with focus on giving both business and technical insight of cloud computing and its benefits. For example: Introduction of the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework, Cloud-Native vs lift-and-shift, SaaS/PaaS/IaaS and handling of sensitive data.

Reviews and Cost-Benefits – analysis of the existing IT infrastructure with a overview of cost and savings by utilizing the cloud instead of a traditional IT environment. We choose a proof-of-concept and create extensive documentation and guides for the following decision process of choosing a cloud solution.

Technological roadmaps – help visualizing all the possibilities, that already exists within AWS, as well as what is underway. As a AWS partner we follow the development of services in AWS closely, and can help you with identifying which features are worth utilizing for your project as well as which isn’t mature for your use case.

Cloud Training – are when we tailor a specialized course that prepares your employees for working in AWS. Combine our technical knowledge, with great teaching skills, ensures that your employees feels technically ready for Cloud Computing and AWS

Liftoff Services

The decision has been taken and the process will go up in gear

Hackathons – gives you the possibility to assess us as a partner. Over the course of 2-3 days we as a combined team of our AWS certified employees and your technicians move from idea and planning to prototype. A fast and effective method for trying solutions, learning each others organization culture and priorities, both on a technical level as well as business level. We share our wealth of knowledge within Cloud Computing, Software architecture and Application design

Landing Zone –  help us build a correct account and network structure for your business, which is key in realizing a governance and security strategy that utilizes the cloud best possible. This creates the base for control of cost, without loosing the agility. Effective migration of datacentres starts with uniform and prepared virtual datacenters: Landing zones

Datacenter Migration – are add-on service from Landing Zones: We help you establish pipelines so on-prem servers can be migrated in a controlled and systematic manor to AWS. For this we will utilize services such as Server Migration Service, Database Migration Service and Application Discovery.

Tooling Extras – helps you navigate between a choice of tools to support the cloud solutions. This allows your organization to build a toolbox that matches your needs. We have experience working with ex Puppet, Ansible, Salt, Hashicorp suite, InfluxDB and many more. We help secure quick and fast configuration of these – including subsequent support.