Transition from traditional print-publisher to a truly digital first-mover

Systime, a Danish, educational publishing company. Have been going through a digital transformation from a traditional print-publisher to doing single source database publishing and being truly digital-first.

Systime approached CloudPartners with a couple of pain points: Creating and managing new websites for each publication took a significant technical effort – and the lack of automated deployment and dev/test environments had made it a challenge to keep a growing number of publications/websites updated.

CloudPartners designed and programmed a management website for Systime that made it easy to spin up new, highly available multitenant LAMP stacks – consisting of Elastic Load Balancer, Amazon EC2 AutoScaling webservers, Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon RDS in Multi availability zone configuration and a NFS servers build with EC2 and Amazon EBS.

Management website

The LAMP stack is implemented as AWS CloudFormation templates – which provides a solid, consistent building block service for provisioning complex environments for both test and production workloads.

The creation of new publications/websites are also done through the management – including the management of DNS records in Amazon Route 53. The management website is build using a Python web framework and the Boto3 AWS API.

Achieving high availability and fault-tolerance are very important goals for Systime, which drives design goals such as designing a NFS server cluster build for low-latency access to small files.

The cluster replicates- and does failover between availability zones with insignificant downtime for the end users.

Divergent activity

Student activity are not constant over the day or the week, so having a scalable web server layer helps making the solution cost-efficient.

The consistency that comes from an automated approach with Infrastructure-as-code has allowed the developers at Systime to focus on providing business value instead of being bogged down by inconsistent infrastructure or minor differences in operating system versions.

The design and tooling, build- and implemented by CloudPartners, has supported Systime getting routine website management tasks done faster. It also enabled Systime to move all publications to the same codebase, reduce technical debt and and speed up the introduction of new features.

CloudPartners have supported Systime in their digital transformation, and helped them to their goal of having a more streamlined software platform where they do less nondifferentiating infrastructure management and spend more time developing business-differentiating features.

At a time where the publishing industry is forced to figure out how digitalization affects their business and how to successfully undergo a digital transformation, Systime chose CloudPartners as their technology partner, to alleviate technical pains, get the most out of Amazon Web Services and help Systime reach the position as the market’s leading digital publisher.

About Systime

By now Systime is the most advanced publishing house with regard to digital, educational material in Denmark.

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